A Roadworthy Certificate (RWC) shows that your vehicle is safe to be driven on Victorian roads. Whenever you sell or otherwise transfer ownership of a vehicle, re-register a vehicle, or clear defect notices, you need to obtain a roadworthy certificate from a licensed tester.

The inspection is a thorough check of the vehicle that ensures it is in a condition that is good enough in safe road use. Testers will inspect:

  • Steering and suspension
  • Braking systems
  • Wheels and tyres
  • Lights and reflectors
  • Windscreen, windows, wipers and washers
  • Chassis integrity
  • Other safety related items.

It’s important to remember that a roadworthy inspection does not ensure that your vehicle is in prime condition, it only ensures that it meets the safety standards to be legally driven on public roads.

As a licensed vehicle tester, Ocean Grove Automotive Centre can help you obtain your roadworthy certificate.

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